Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Street Fighter (1994)

Absolutely terrible action film based very very loosely on the Street Fighter 2 computer game. Van Damme looks fine but acts badly as are the rest of the cast who are all just awful, simply dreadful. No one actually looks like their videogame counterpart accept maybe Raul Julia who saves a little grace as Bison but he's hardly the right build for him.

The action and fight sequences are pitiful, totally laughable, I can't even bring myself to call them action sequences whilst the sets look paper thin merely with lots of metal and monitors everywhere. Bison's lair looked like some kind of metal skate park or something that was reused from the Mario Bros movie.

The main issue with this film is the fact its totally and completely made for kids, watered down to the bone with nothing for anyone over the age of about 13 to enjoy. Game fans will be like...excuse me!!? whilst most adults will simply piss their pants with laughter. Just adding the odd chase sequence or explosion doesn't make things all better Mr Director.

One of the only films I can say is sheer dross and less than B-movie standards mainly because it cost a bomb to make, had a HUGE merchandise and marketing push. It was actually advertised as a serious action film (probably due to JCVD being in it), it was! I remember seeing it in the cinema. A sort of old fashioned A-Team/Bond flick obviously aimed at kids where no one gets killed (in a visibly nasty way). The baddies are in endless supply and the evil leader has some diabolical plan that he's hatching from some weird minimalistic base which looks like an art student designed it. Only difference is this film isn't really any fun, its just very poor.

SFII cannot be made into a serious or semi serious film end of, the characters and stories just don't work in this field. Animated yes, live action no, no no no hell no. The best bit of the film has to be the introduction of Blanka and Dhalsim, I swear only Ed Wood could compete with that.