Friday, 29 March 2013

Warner Bros Classic Looney Tunes

Yep I gotta admit I LOVE these old toons, not all of them mind you, only so many, some are a bit poor really. My fave characters are easily Daffy followed closely by Marin the Martian and Yosemite Sam. Despite the fact they are kids cartoons they actually had slightly deeper laughs for older folk too, little touches and nods to various stars of the time and situations political or otherwise. Almost their own personal views snuck in quietly hoping no one notices, the kids certainly wouldn't.

The guys behind these toons are legends themselves now, the toons carried on after them but they were never the same, especially the artistic style. I love the style most of the toons are drawn in, a kind of simple sketch with blocks of colour yet with nice detail for certain scenes (in a room or depending on the toons setting). Hell even the older 60's style was nice, much simpler but still nice, hard to describe. The modern toons just don't have that same flair, it just can't be replicated.

Its weird to think most of the creators are now gone, such talent gone!  people like Friz Freleng, Chuck Jones, Warren Forster and of course Mel Blanc. In a way these weren't kids cartoons but more stylised art made by middle aged blokes who you wouldn't think would be interested in silly cartoons. There is so much of these guys in the toons, they are historic, a peek back into that era, a time when Bogart was the Cruise of the day.

Here are some gorgeous images from some of my fave toons ^_^

'Duck Dodgers in the 241/2th Century'

'Robin Hood Daffy' 
Easily my favourite Daffy toon, a glorious parody of the classic Errol Flynn movie, its actually hilarious and of course looks stunning.

Another top toon is 'Transylvania 6-500' with Bugs. I love this one as its right up my street with the whole Dracula/spooky castle thing going on. Love toons like this and this one looks fudging awesome, the Dracula type character is voiced amazingly also.

Few more images from some other great toons...'Deduce You Say' 'Water Water Everyhare' 'Bunker Hill Bunny' and 'Rabbit Fire'.

Just a few classic Acme pistol pics for you hehe