Sunday, 20 January 2013

Hunter Prey (2010)

If you can find this I highly recommend it as its a great low budget sci-fi flick in the same realms as 'Enemy Mine'. The plot is almost the same as 'Enemy Mine' accept the two races don't make friends and the alien race is introduced as the hero element, where as the human, in a neat little twist, is introduced as the creature (you don't realise he's human at first) on the run and becomes the enemy...almost. Depending how you look at it.

The thing that impresses about this film is the really nice makeup work on the alien masks and the costume. Prop work isn't that original looking (think 'Predator' armour mixed with a Clone Trooper from 'AotC') but it looks good set against the clear blue skies and yellow/orange rocky desert of the planet its all based on. The musical score is also pretty good, almost too good for a small film like this which was another surprise. Cast wise there are no big names but the acting is perfectly fine with some solid stunt work throughout.

You must be a total sci-fi fan to enjoy this on its numerous levels, it's not a fast action packed flick and it's not filled with cheap looking CGI. Its actually very well made simply because the director has tried to focus the film with good characters and a good story, without the help of lots of money which can corrupt a persons way of thinking. His film was obviously made with lots of love and attention to make it as real as possible and not to rely on CGI. Think a really good episode of Star Trek, only downside is the ending is left open which could lead to a poor sequel, or we may never know what happens if they don't make further movies.