Sunday, 10 February 2013

Here Comes The Boom (2012)

What can I say about this film, is it a comedy? an emotional rollercoaster? it stars funnyman Kevin James so it must be a comedy. Well it starts off as a comedy sure but as the plot unfolds and we near the crux of the matter it becomes much more like a small drama. Its a strange beast really which didn't really sit well with me, let me explain why.

My first impressions of the film were two things, firstly it just seems like an excuse to make another film around MMA and the UFC. Secondly, Kevin James has always had a slight weight issue as I'm sure you all know. This whole idea just seems like a chance for him to lose some excess weight, gain some muscle, look good and basically get healthy whilst being paid to make a film. Now call me cynical but that's how I see it because I will admit James looks good in the final fight sequences.

A reason I think this is because the story is completely stupid. A school in dire financial straits needs to make cut backs which means the music department will go. This means Henry Winkler's character will lose his job, so up steps James's character to try and save his job by raising the money required. Doesn't sound too bad so far, but wait! James's character wisely decides to become a mixed martial arts fighter despite the fact he's overweight and way into middle age, hmmmmmm might wanna think about that.

The whole premise is just absurd, for a dumb comedy it maybe passable but this film actually tries to be semi serious. Even though James's character decides to commit suicide in the ring to try and save Winkler's job, it takes Winkler's character until the last ten minutes of the film to try and stop James's character from killing himself just to save his job!. You'd think from the start Winkler's character would feel a bit awkward knowing that his best friend is being beaten to crap on a semi regular basis just to save his job.

I guess if you follow UFC then you'll get a kick outta this, there are many various folk from the 'sport' that make cameos and have roles, if you don't follow then they could be anyone. Well you can tell who the real MMA/UFC folk are because they can't act, dress rather camp (can I say that?), have poor tribal tattoo's and wear bling.

In the end this just seems way too much like a comfy personal get fit dream project for James. Two of the main characters are from 'King of Queens' for heavens sake (not including James), James is absolutely covered in tan makeup to make him look good both in fight sequences and regular scenes and the film clearly goes from comedy to serious fighting for James midway through.

Its like 'School of Rock' which slowly morphs into 'The Karate Kid' (because you know what's gonna happen) and then finally goes into 'Rocky' towards the end. The fun aspect goes out the window as James heads into serious mode which actually doesn't suit him. The emotion towards the end is so forced it makes you wanna look away from the screen. I think James should stick to TV because even though I like the guy he hasn't made a single decent film I think, 'Mall Cop' was amusing in parts but that's it. This film doesn't really know what it wants to be but if James wants to continue making films then he should stick to funny ones.