Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Internship (2013)

Vaughn and Wilson are back together yet again in yet another screwy comedy that really feels totally dated, what year are we in here 2000?!. Straight away I can tell you this film is a complete waste of time and money which feels nothing more than a big advert for Google.

The story follows two middle aged blokes who become unemployed so they try their luck in an internship programme with Google. The fact these guys are clearly out of place and ten times older than everyone within this programme doesn't phase them as they go for broke to try and gain full time employment. Do they achieve their goal?? well that's the million dollar question isn't...yes they do, of course they do, this film is the most cliched predictable piece of crud I've seen in a long time. Oh yeah spoiler...ah whatever.

Google have really scored here, they have managed to get themselves a two hour in your face promotional campaign that has their company name in virtually every scene. If you didn't know about Google before you sure as hell do now, I think the word 'Google' must have been used a gazillion times.

There is literately nothing to laugh at in this entire film, everything you see is just a tired rehash from every other Vaughn/Wilson comedy. The two leads play exactly the same type of characters we've seen over and over again which they do well sure but its just soooooooo old now. The rest of the cast are a bunch of unknown kids that you don't give a crap about, couldn't care a less whether they get these jobs or not...even though we know damn well they will.

I'm not even sure what level this film is aimed at. At first I thought it was a gentle comedy for all ages with nothing threatening at all, no bad language or toilet humour etc...Then slap bang in the middle there is a sequence within a strip club with full on boobies and ass action that is most definitely adults only!. Its quite a departure from the rest of the film which is a light hearted boring wet mess.

Basically you've seen this film before, the plot is completely predictable right from the start, no surprises. The characters are cliched and unoriginal, every turning point in the film is unexciting, generic and unoriginal, Wilson still has that stupid soppy hairstyle, its not funny, its not entertaining, its just a sneaky corporate recruitment video. Come work for Google and have all the fun and success that Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn had in the coolest working environment ever!...(fun, success and cool working environment not guaranteed).