Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The Heat (2013)

Aaaah the old buddy cop action flick, there has been so many, what could they come up with to make the genre a bit more fresh?. Well not much...accept this time the cop duo are female so that's a bit new...right? well kinda. This time one half of the duo is an uptight, virginal, jobsworth that does everything by the book, the other half is a slobby, foulmouthed, loose cannon that does everything somewhat haphazardly. Wait...ha..have we see this type of thing before?? nah must be me.

So the fat ugly bird and the thin wet bird gotta work together to take down a drug lord. Thing is they both hate each other and how they each go about their duties so there's gonna be a whole lot of fighting and bickering going on. Spoiler alert! they both manage to get on and eventually end up working well together and sticking up for each other, tell me you saw that coming.

Wow this film was annoying! I mean really, this is the second film I've seen with McCarthy in it and both times I've hated her character. I've come to the decision that she's probably like this in reality, loud, rude and annoying (dare I say typically American hehe). She just comes across as a completely unlikable person, I see what the aim is here in this film but geez I just wanted her to get shot in every scene. There was only one moment in the entire film that made me laugh, when they're both in the nightclub and she buys a drink at the bar only to discover it costs $14.

As for Bullock, I've never been a fan...ever. Every role she plays she is the same type of person...a wet, floppy, sappy drip who looks exactly the same with that dull hair style. In this she merely boosts that dreadful stereotype she has tenfold and is so utterly unfunny, unsexy and useless. Of course I realise this is the role she is playing but the fact they cast her in it just shows how closely the character matches her.

We get the usual load of typical cop movie cliches throughout, hell we even get the exact same sequences from other films. How many times have we seen a perp hung out of a window for comedic affect?. There isn't much action going on, mainly a whole lot of swearing in grimy sequences involving seedy people and the family of McCarthy's character. I believe these family scenes are suppose to be funny? cos they came across as aggressively uncomfortable and again annoying. The kind of people you watch from your house window as they make total fools of themselves in the middle of the street. Again I realise you could say that's good acting and film making but I just found it unlikable.

On the whole I liked how they didn't beat around the bush and have made an adult comedy thriller instead of a PG fest. Its just a shame they cast who they did and couldn't really divert from a very tired old formula...a really tired old formula. Nice soundtrack throughout but overall it didn't stop me feeling rather low the whole time, until it perks up for the predictable soppy ending.