Monday, 16 February 2015

Horrible Bosses 2 (2014)

The first movie was quite the success and I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. The whole concept of wanting to murder ones work boss really hit a cord with me and many others I'm sure. Why? because it was completely relatable for most common regular folk, us mortals that toil in crappy soul destroying jobs. That concept and the movie was also similar to another fantastic comedy 'Office Space' which I think helped with its popularity.

Now we have the much anticipated sequel which reunites all of the original cast...accept for Farrell, did I say anticipated? This time around the three main guys are trying to start their own business with a homemade invention. They go to Hanson (Waltz as a wealthy businessman) to pitch their idea, Hanson likes it and makes a big order. Later on down the road Hanson screws them over and basically puts the guys up shit creek without a paddle. What do they do next? well they decide to kidnap Hanson's son Rex (Pine) but discover its harder than they expected. Things then take a twist as Rex decides to assist them in getting back at his emotionless father.

That's the one thing this movie does have in its favour and that's twists, although they aren't hard to spot but at least they are there. There are a few mini plots going on here with different characters at different times, its not confusing but in fact essential to keeping this films head above the water. Obviously everything comes together at the end and is tied up in a neat package with a pretty bow. Did I enjoy the ride though? well kinda I guess, the main problem here is the plot is so very bland, cliched, unoriginal and non-engaging. The reason why the first film worked was, as I said, you could relate to it, you can't relate to this because most people don't go around kidnapping other people.

They have shifted from a solid idea to this very meh idea which is just typical Hollywood spiel. It starts off quite funny I'll admit, the dirty and childish visual gag of Day wanking off Sudeikis and then giving him a reach around (trick of the eye gag) is actually very funny. When the guys are carrying out their plan to pinch some laughing gas from Dale's old sex obsessed boss Julia Harris (Aniston), the walkie talkie camaraderie between the three is hilarious. Bateman's blank, dry, deadpan expressions of exasperation as his two buddies continuously fudge up and prove how imbecilic they are is comedy gold. Day does get slightly annoying as the hyperactive fast talking Dale, can't stand too much of that character, whilst Sudeikis as Kurt is a worthy comedic foil to Nicks (Bateman) level-headed sensibilities.

Around the point where the guys meet up with Rex to discuss his diabolical plan is where this film starts to lose its way. Up to then it was quite funny with some admittedly solid laughs and good sleazy toilet humour. But as the plot goes down the stupid Hollywood action route which ends in car chases, police activity and gun play it ceases to be funny and merely becomes very meh. It was still a joy to see Aniston dress like a slut and hear her talk like an even dirtier slut describing how much she loves cock, loved her character in both films. Twas also great to see Spacey do his evil tyrant thing again which he does oh so well, apart from that everyone else is by the books frankly.

I'm afraid its the usual error that Hollywood just keeps making. Every time a film does well they have to make a sequel no matter what the original film was about. I've said it before and I'll say it again, certain films don't require sequels, they are stand alone flicks, one shot deals, lightning in a bottle. Just because a film does well that doesn't mean you have to try and franchise it! and this is another perfect example. The first film was very funny and it did well, leave it at that! There was never a need to make a sloppy bottom of the barrel scraping sequel, it was never gonna be better or do as well.