Friday, 5 April 2013

3000 Miles to Graceland (2001)

Probably one of the most interesting and quite cool team ups I've seen in a film for some time, Costner, Russell and Slater although we lose Slater early on. Unfortunately the casting also included Arquette and Cox who both seem to star in the same films as if its a contract requirement, thing is both of them are useless, and Ice-T pops up at the end with a really dumb character but luckily he kicks the bucket quickly.

So basically this is Costner being a muttonchopped badass and killing virtually anyone who stands in his way! Reviews and box office performance were poor but personally I don't get why as I believe this is a rip roaring king of action that is miles better than most gun totting action flicks.

Sure its pretty silly but the Elvis impersonators convention robbery set piece at the start is worth the ticket admission alone. Bullets fly and police officers get blasted from here to next Sunday whilst Costner struts around in leather pants and Russell's hair would make Elvis himself proud. Add to this a rocking soundtrack, some decent car chases and some slick camera work and you have a pretty smart film.

Plus side, Arquette dies early, we do see Cox in a thong (sneak peek shot) and Costner makes a better bad guy than good, its just a shame Slater wasn't in longer.