Monday, 1 April 2013

Addams Family Values (1993)

For me this sequel didn't quite hit the mark and I just can't pin point why to be honest. All the cast return so continuity is fine accept for the character of 'Granny' and this time the family have a two new members in the form of 'Baby Pubert' and 'Debbie' the psychopathic widow who goes from one man to the next.

I didn't really like the story choice for this film as it centres on 'Fester' again just like the first, maybe they could of used another character or a couple together perhaps, I also never really liked the baby premise as it tends to lean to much towards childish slapstick. The plot line about the black widow 'Debbie Jellinsky' wasn't too bad and did recover some more dark undertones but I think it should of been used with 'Gomez' maybe, plus I didn't really like Joan Cusack's performance at the time, its grown on me since.

I also never liked how the continuity of the film changed so much from the first (cast aside). Mainly the Mansion is in a different location, it looks different on the outside and the interior is vastly different. Some people won't care I know but things like that I notice and they annoy me, it doesn't make sense! why couldn't they keep it at least remotely the same?.

Unfortunately that's what we got, a lot of silly childish slapstick and baby humour all centered around 'Pubert', yes it was still ghoulish and macabre but it really stooped for the kids.
Things got better with 'Pugsley' and 'Wednesday' at their summer camp which introduced us to the allergic Jewish boy 'Joel Glicker' played wonderfully by David Krumholtz. The whole sub plot here was really quite funny and more devilish with the sinister camp leaders played eerily by Peter MacNicol and Christine Baranski with their 'harmony hut' torture hehe its a shame the whole film couldn't keep this tone of black humour throughout.

Again the film does look lovely in terms of costume and sets with more natty quirky visual effects and bizarre camera angles which add to the kookyness. I think this film just went that touch over the top, just a hint off the wall which made it feel a bit too much like a live action cartoon at times. At least the franchises posters still looked really sweet.