Friday, 5 April 2013

Valkyrie (2008)

When this film came up in a thread awhile back I was shocked to hear Cruise playing a part, well I now eat those words with a side order of beans. Cruise finally grows up and gives the best performance I have seen in his career possibly, and the fact its in a proper decent film which means something, makes it even more powerful.

An excellent film from start to finish is all I can say, very moving and extremely strong in performances. The whole film was very tense all the way, I could feel myself really sweating despite the fact I knew the outcome. You wanted them to succeed you really did, you think it will be alright and they could pull off a major political overthrow, the fact they don't does crush you at the is brilliantly done.
Its not a heavy film laden down with heavy politics like some films can be, its very straight to the point and doesn't ease up anywhere. It shows how many people inside the Third Reich were against Hitler and his plans from high up officials all the way down the ranks. I never knew there were so many attempts at Hitler's life

This is also a good film for the German people, I'm sure they have to endure much from films in the past where all Germans are portrayed as evil, this will balance the past somewhat I hope. It was also amazing to read at the end credits that Stauffenberg's wife only died in 2006!

Every cast member is brilliant...the cast itself is A class, even the minor roles are played well, faultless. The visuals are perfect and seems historically accurate, the sets are all really impressive and wardrobe is spot on. There isn't much action in this film so don't be expecting the usual war film stereotype, its mainly talk, but the words are real, poignant, powerful, based on fact and don't give you a moments breather as the tension and suspense builds to its heart breaking finish.

Like 'Schindler's List' this is a serious film, not quite in the same league or as harsh of course but cannot be ignored. My only down point is maybe it would have been even better if all cast spoke in German and the film had English subs, that would have really been authentic but hard to do I guess. Full marks.