Monday, 18 March 2013

Arena (1988)

Produced by the one and only Charles Band and this time pushing the boundaries of space and beyond with this sci-fi fighter. I do believe it actually did OK upon release back in the day.

Call it what you will but there's a clear mix of many other films here from 'Bloodsport' to 'The Karate Kid' as the unknown underdog human competes against other fighters from around the galaxy to try and be the Champion...can you guess what happens?

Now this is an old film and produced by Band so I'm sure if you know of Band you won't expect too much but to be fair this film was handled well and does show pretty competent action and effects. The aliens on show are a mix of rubbery masked puppets some humanoid some not, some look quite good some don't. If you picture your average 'Star Trek' episode alien then you have a good idea what they look like...kinda cheap looking and leagues behind even the most basic 'Star Wars' alien, actually some look almost like creatures that you might find in the Henson film 'Labyrinth'.

The whole thing is virtually a script for a video game fighter and the acting isn't far behind haha add to that a wonderful wardrobe array of shiny tight spandex, the main bad guy looking like Dracula and we have a winner for so bad and cheesy its good. I think you can put it down to the quaint charm of the times.