Saturday, 9 March 2013

Class of 1999 II: The Substitute (1994)

Third sequel in the series and this one continues the theme of the robotic killer teachers. This time the last robot is suppose to be A.W.O.L with a CIA op after him/it so he can make more of the deadly robots.

Enter 'Kickboxer' star Sasha Mitchell looking like 'Johnny Mnemonic' and Keanu Reeves lovechild all at the same time yet with even more dubious acting skills, if any. We see some martial arts but not too much, we see some yobs getting beaten up by Johnny...errr I mean Sasha and we see plenty of cliched characters that were done much better and were more fun in the last two films.

The main problem here is the film isn't really based within a school anymore, its more of a thriller with everything but the school environment so its hardly worthy of the title 'Class of 1999'. Other silly issues crop up like the robot teacher seemingly developing a crush on a fellow female teacher and then without warning deciding to kill absolutely everyone it see's.

No cool effects, no cult casting and no fun looking sets and costumes, this wasn't needed in all honesty. Mid 90's and too late to pull off what the first two managed. Basically they have milked this idea dry whilst other better franchises have been and gone.