Thursday, 21 March 2013

Centurion (2010)

Do you like lots of claret spillage? brutal warfare involving swords and battle axes? tribal women slaying faceless warriors? course you do, Roman Centurions v Pict tribal warriors, lets get ready to rumble!!

With an unknown cast really this film is damn fine as is most Marshall flicks, its fudging violent and chock full of death n blood but its historical so its OK. The plot is very simple but keeps you on the edge of your seat as a small group of Roman Centurions battle to survive behind enemy lines in the cold misty realms of Scotland/Northern England (well north of Hadrian's Wall).

I really liked this film for many reasons, the scenery and location use is stunning and well presented, costume, weapons, sets etc...are all perfect and look realistic, the history involved is of course mixed with artistic license but the basics are correct (the Ninth Legion massacre etc..) and more importantly the cast all work, no big name stars. Sure its predictable and we have seen the battle setups before in other historical epic's but the look, feel, scope and sheer cold bleakness of the film and its battles make this very impressive and a joy to watch.

Nothing particularly new here to be honest but its good boys adventure type stuff with tribal women slaying Roman troops (Marshall seems to like the fetish of women in tight gear killing men horribly) and plenty of blood and the hacking of limbs, decent stuff.