Saturday, 2 March 2013

The World of Stainboy (2000)

From the perfectly odd landscape of Tim Burton's mind comes 'The World of Stainboy'. A character that appeared alongside Oysterboy in the book 'The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories'. A small series of six short animations that are about five minutes long each, short sweet and literatley brimming over with visual imagination.

Each episode is a simple premise, 'Stainboy' is a superhero of sorts who works for the police in Burbank (yes Burton's hometown again). Each episode he is assigned the task of going somewhere to find various other bizarre characters that are either in trouble or need to be stopped from whatever weird thing they are doing.

Sounds strange? is it! its Burton for pete's sake, it makes no sense whatsoever. Stainboy goes up against 'The Girl Who Stares' 'Toxic Boy' 'The Bowling Ball' etc...All the characters, or some, are from the 'Oyster Boy' book if I remember correctly. The art is virtually childish to say the least, a child could of drawn it!...wait, yeah. Like all of Burton's artwork its almost stick figures with shading, downright basic but actually endearing, despite the creepy visuals it fun to watch, like morbid curiosity.

Hardly any dialog accept for this really grumpy police chief voiced by Glen Shadix. The rest is quirky little musical tunes and various toilet based childlike sounds. I've said childish a few times now but the little toons are quite sick really, like nasty gruesome fairytales or maybe Roald Dahl.

Extremely surreal and simple but effective, two statements that sum this up just right methinks. Its all very black n white like much of Burton's work, if you like Burton then you may get a kick outta this, if not then why are you reading this?.

Stainboy Chapter 2: Toxic Boy