Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 (2011)

A small guilty pleasure is how I see these teen based vampire flicks, they're not as bad as many think but on the other hand they're not outstanding either.

The first film was reasonable, the second was slightly worse and the third was slightly better than both, this fourth and final part so far is back to being worse again. To be honest it does seem to be pretty accurate to the book, I haven't read the book but from reading up online it does seem quite close which is always a plus.

The problem is the story is just poor, all the excitement was in the previous stories, in this last instalment it just seems like a total vampire soap opera. Nothing much happens for almost 40 mins into the film accept Bella and Edward getting married and going on their honeymoon, that's it!! its what vampires do when their not fighting and sulking around dark buildings and alleyways.

The rest of the film simply deals with the new baby issues, jealous werewolves and something about the rival shape shifters wanting to kill the new baby because it may be a risk, a risk to who? why? Other queries that go unexplained (so it seems) were...since when do vampires inject their 'venom' into victims hearts? what exactly is an 'imprint' for a shape shifter? why wouldn't changing Bella into a vampire not save her life whilst pregnant? and why can't the baby be harmed once its been 'imprinted' by a shape shifter??

If I read the book I would probably find out but that's not gonna happen, I guess fans will know but it limits the non-fans and newbies to the franchise somewhat. Other than that its a disappointing new entry which is really quite dull but at last Bella FINALLY becomes a vampire geez! she's been back n fourth on that decision for the last three films, dunno why the hard choice, I would in a flash.